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Emoji Commissions

Hey, I'm Dzuk, designer of Mutant Standard. You can commission me to make custom emoji for you, produced in vectors in a vector art/minimalist style. They're optimised for sizes of 24px (@1x/low DPI) and upwards.

A series of boldly-coloured, minmalist emoji (animals, symbols, smileys, objects, etc.) arranged in a grid on top of a bright purple background. A series of boldly-coloured, minmalist emoji (mainly different people's OCs, but also some objects) arranged in a grid on top of a dark puirple-blue background. Pairs of the same characters (like orcs, tieflings, lions, otters and other furries) in two different facial expressions arranged in a grid on top of a cool green background.

Rates and licenses


(Personal chat server emoji, chat stickers, social media avatars, etc.)


US$25 for a single emoji of one character

US$15 - US$20 per additional expression

You can commission extra expressions with the original one in the same commission or commission extra ones later on (like if you slowly want to make your own emoji set over time).

Make sure you have the original files (that I will give you when I send the finished work to you) just in case I don't have them anymore.

You'll need to give me reference. If you don't have a reference, I can make certain kinds of character designs from scratch at an additional $20 fee.

Symbols and Objects

US$15-25 per thing

CMYK alterations

You can commission CMYK versions if you want to use the emoji in print. Feel free to ask for a quote.


(Streaming emotes, emoji for use by companies or in commercial products, etc.)

Contact me for more information.

Alterations of Mutant Standard emoji

You can commission me to do an alteration of a Mutant Standard emoji, but you can only do so non-commercially, and it will be treated as a derivative of the original emoji under the original license. (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 International)


The default export package I provide is (for each commissioned emoji):

  • 64px PNG file
  • 128px PNG file (ideal for Discord, Slack, Mastodon and Discourse)
  • 512px PNG file (can be used as Telegram Stickers)
  • SVG file (the lossless, vector export)
  • All of the sketches and the final emoji in Affinity Designer (.afdesign) format.

I can export in a variety of formats and sizes at no extra cost. Let me know if you need different or additional formats before the commission so I can make sure that I can accommodate your needs.

Subject matter

I can do:

  • Signs and symbols
  • Humans, humanoid, furry, anthro, animal and robot faces
  • Hands, hand expressions and body expressions
  • Smileys and expressions
  • Objects
  • Scars and blood
  • Some sexually-suggestive material/subjects
  • Certain kinds of kink and fetish subject matter

I can't do:

  • Gore (like body parts, internals, etc.)
  • Designs that are too intricate or detailed (I'll let you know if I think it won't work as we talk about it).
  • Photographs of people (because of weird anxiety issues I have)

As per usual for this kind of thing, I also might turn down a commission request if I feel it won't work out for some other reason.


I don't have the best mental health, so timing can be a bit erratic. I normally take between 1 week and a month to create your emoji, On rare occasions, a little longer.

Portfolio stuff

I might use the work you commissioned me for my own portfolio. I also like to announce the new work that I've done on my social media feeds when a commission is complete.

If you're commissioning me non-commercially, you can let me know if you'd rather be named or anonymous when I publish any commissioned work that I make for you.

Contact and Payment Methods

Due to social anxiety, my enbyfriend kiilas is acting as my assistant/agent for commissions, so if you want to ask a question or commission me, you should contact them:

Payments are only done through PayPal.

When a commission has been agreed, you'll need to give kiilas a PayPal email address that a payment request can be sent to. That payment request will be made as 'Mutant Standard', and I'll start work once that has been paid. :)