A complete list of my current Mastodon resources. They are all published on Telegraph right now because it's way easier to make edits.

For newbies

Mastodon instances, and the ones I recommend

An in-depth beginner's guide to Mastodon instances, what they are, what they mean for you and how you should choose one.

Dzuk's List of Cool Mastodon Instances

A short list of instances that have good moderation policies that someone who is new to Mastodon might want to join.

For admins

Dzuk's Mastodon Blocklist Advisory

An in-depth list of instances and why you might want to block them as an admin. I provide links and screencaps for when that might not be self-evident.

Mastodon Instance Blocking FAQ

An FAQ I wrote about why admins use instance blocking, aimed at people who are against the practice or at least questioning it.